New Sustainability Services


We are very excited to announce the launch of a range of new services for households and business customers. Given the limitations we all face as a result of the Coronavirus, most of these are delivered 100% remotely - so you don’t have to compromise your ambition to live as sustainably as possible due to physical distancing constraints.

Infact, while you’re cooped up in mandatory isolation it’s a perfect time to reflect on your sustainability goals and aspirations at home, at work, and in the community. GreenLight’s new portfolio of services is designed to help you put them into action!

To help celebrate the launch of these new services, we’re giving away two Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessments valued at $495 each! 

New services include:

Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard (VRES) Assessment (remote delivery)

  • Save money, increase comfort, get a 5-10% price premium for your home.

Independent Residential Solar Feasibility Assessment (remote delivery)

  • Get trusted, independent expert advice on the right solar power solution for your home, and save thousands of dollars.

Independent Commercial Solar Feasibility Assessments

  • Get trusted, independent advice on the right solar power solution for your business, save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and instantly depreciate 50% of the capital cost.

Sustainability Accelerator Services (remote delivery)

  • Turbocharge your projects and build your knowledge working directly with our team of independent sustainability experts.

Perhaps you would like help with…

    • how solar and battery storage systems work
    • sizing a solar or battery system to meet your needs
    • support sourcing and comparing quotes before your buy
    • how to optimise your existing system performance
    • understanding your bills and working out the best way to reduce them
    • guidance on lighting, draught proofing, insulation, energy-efficient appliances, heating, cooling, and ways to get greater energy efficiency overall

...and much, much more - just ask!

Sustainability Master Classes (remote delivery)

  • Take your sustainability knowledge and practice to the next level with one of our online sustainability master classes.

Register your interest today for the following Masterclasses…

    • Addressing Wasteful Consumption in the 21st Century
    • Creating Energy Efficient Homes and Buildings
    • Climate Drawdown and Moving Beyond Net Zero Emissions
    • Climate Science Facts and Fundamentals 
    • Creating a Sustainable Economic Model for the 21st Century
    • Implementing Sustainable Transport Solutions
    • Putting Renewable Energy Into Action
    • Regenerative Agriculture and Natural Sequence Farming
    • Taking Personal and Community Action on Climate Change
    • The Carbon Cycle, Sequestration and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

There’s something here for everyone, so connect with us online at and take a look in more detail. 

While most of these new services are available now, a couple are still under construction. Watch this space for new developments, and register your interest today - we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!