Residential Solar Feasibility Assessments


Get trusted, independent expert advice on the right solar power solution for your home, and save thousands of dollars! 



Our expert Solar Feasibility Team recently assessed a home in Geelong with an average annual electricity use of 4,000 kWh, including detailed economic modelling and the design of an optimal 3kW solar system – delivering:

  • annual savings of $812
  • cost reduction of 47.3% 
  • a return on investment (ROI) of 22.6% (or 17.6% financed at 5% interest)

Generating your own electricity can be a game changer – reducing your impact on the environment, improving energy security, and avoiding hefty price hikes!

  • In the 10 years to 2018, electricity shot off the charts with prices rising 117%, which is more than four times the average price increase across other sectors;
  • The lack of a clear energy policy framework in Australia makes future electricity supply and prices very uncertain;
  • Generating your own electricity locks in supply and gives you greater certainty about your energy bills now and in future.

So, if gaining control over electricity prices and supply is so important, why don’t more people do it? For many, it can be difficult to find the time and expertise to confidently develop a clear business case – and that’s where we come in!

  • Our Solar Feasibility Team provides the easy to understand business case you need to make the right investment choice generating your own electricity – providing:
    • Expert advice – independent from the interests of commercial providers
    • Detailed financial and economic analysis (including payback periods) 
    • Optimal system design specifications to inform your purchase decision

For a fixed fee of $395 you will receive a detailed Solar Feasibility Assessment including:

  • Household energy usage profile
  • Maximum demand forecast
  • Example solar system module layout
  • Average daily generation/consumptions assessment
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction assessment
  • Financial analysis including cash flow assessment

Should you wish to proceed further to installation, we can also provide independent advice and assistance with your purchase decision and oversight of the installation by your selected contractors via our Sustainability Accelerator Services.

As part of our own COVID-19 response, we’ve taken our Solar Feasibility Assessment service remote and online! 

  • All you need to do is book online, provide us with your last power bill, and we will complete the details with you over the phone and by email. Too easy!  

Book your preliminary Solar Feasibility Assessment below now or email or give us a call on 0427 524 215 to discuss your needs in more detail.

  • GreenLight is a not-for-profit social enterprise of the Geelong Sustainability Group (Geelong Sustainability Inc), a registered charity and environmental organisation. Any financial surpluses generated by Greenlight support the ongoing work of Geelong Sustainability Inc.