Sustainability Accelerator Services

Turbocharge your projects and build your knowledge by working directly with our team of independent sustainability experts. 

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Even the best laid plans can quickly go ‘off the rails’ without the right guidance and advice; costing time, money and perhaps a little ego too! 

Welcome to the GreenLight Sustainability Accelerator – our team of independent experts provide one-on-one coaching, mentoring and advice to support the planning and successful implementation of your sustainability projects.

  • Are you thinking about solar power, battery storage or going off-grid? 
  • Perhaps you would like guidance on making your home cheaper to run, more comfortable to live in and how to lower your environmental impact?
  • Or would you like a second opinion from an expert to verify what you’ve been told? 

Our experts can help you understand your choices and give you the confidence needed to find solutions that are right for your own circumstance. Perhaps you would like help with…

  • how solar and battery storage systems work
  • sizing a solar or battery system to meet your needs
  • support sourcing and comparing quotes before you buy
  • how to optimise your existing system performance
  • understanding your bills and working out the best way to reduce them
  • guidance on lighting, draught proofing, insulation, energy-efficient appliances, heating, cooling, and ways to get greater energy efficiency overall

…and much, much more – just ask!

GreenLight Sustainability Accelerator standard consults are for one hour, delivered by phone or video conference. Our professional services fee is $175 per hour.

Request a quote above or contact us at or give us a call on 0427 524 215 to discuss your needs in more detail.