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Sustainability Victoria's Small Business Energy Saver Program is helping small businesses switch to energy-saving equipment that will reduce their running costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The program provides small businesses with a significant discount that in some cases may cover up to 100% of the full equipment and installation cost.

When you switch to energy-saving equipment, your small business can save 15-20% of your equipment’s annual energy operational costs.

Our role as the intermediary is to assist Small Businesses in the Barwon South West region navigate the process. We help you identify your equipment needs, assess your eligibility, and then link you to an accredited provider.

Who can apply?

To take part in the program, your small business must have:
1 to 19 employees (full-time equivalent)
Commercial (non-residential) premises
Small businesses who operate in rented or leased premises, must first gain authorisation for installation activities. Upgrades are available to small businesses across various sectors including hospitality, retail, accommodation, healthcare and professional services, and small-scale manufacturing. Primary producers in agriculture are excluded from the program.

What can you upgrade?

In addition to incentives through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, this new offer will deliver $5 million in bonuses to the small business sector in Victoria, to make it cheaper to upgrade equipment that is more energy efficient and costs less to run.

And the best news. . . is that businesses can use bonuses to make multiple eligible energy efficiency upgrades

A range of equipment upgrades are eligible for the discount:

  • heat pump hot water systems
  • space heating and cooling systems
  • water efficient pre-rinse spray valves
  • low-flow shower heads
  • refrigerators and upright freezers
  • refrigerated display cabinets
  • fan motors in refrigeration systems.
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We are here to help you find the right equipment and accredited provider to ensure that your business can upgrade its equipment and receive the rebates and bonuses.

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I authorise GreenLight to share my contact information with Sustainability Victoria and Accredited Providers registered with the Small Business Energy Saver program for the purposes of providing energy upgrades under this Program. 

I authorise photos to be taken and provided to the Accredited Providers for the purposes of delivering the energy-efficiency upgrade works. This will include, at a minimum, specifications (name and size) of unit and, if possible, compliance plate.
By registering your interest in the program you will also receive helpful environmental sustainability information to help your business save money and reduce emissions. Don't like it? No worries you can unsub at any time.