Commercial Solar Feasibility Assessments

Get trusted, independent advice on the right solar power solution for your business, save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and instantly depreciate 50% of the capital cost! 

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Our expert Solar Feasibility Team recently assessed a commercial facility in Geelong with an average daily electricity use of 1,679 kWh, including detailed economic modelling and the design of an optimal 99kW solar system – delivering:

  • an annual saving of $27,114 in electricity charges in the first year
  • savings of $35,723 in electricity charges over 10 years
  • avoidance of $109,091 in capital expenditure over 10 years

Total Savings: $580k over 25 years

Generating your own electricity can be a game changer, lowering operating costs, improving energy security and price stability – reducing business risk.

  • The average electricity spot price ($/MWh) has almost tripled (+298%) in Victoria from $28.83 (2015) to $85.97 (2020) in response to rising customer demand and ongoing network upgrades required to try and stabilise the grid;
  • The lack of a clear energy policy framework in Australia presents a significant risk;
  • Generating your own electricity mitigates this risk by locking in supply and gaining greater control over energy price fluctuations.
  • So, if gaining control over electricity price and supply is so important, why don’t more businesses do it? For many, it can be difficult to find the time and expertise to deliver a  proper business case – and that’s where we come in!
  • Our Solar Feasibility Team provides the business case you need to make the right investment choice generating your own electricity – providing:
    • Expert advice – independent from the interests of commercial providers
    • Detailed financial and economic analysis (including payback periods) 
    • Optimal system design specifications to inform your procurement

Starting from $1,750 you will receive an initial Solar Feasibility Assessment for your business, including:

  • Business energy usage profile
  • Maximum demand forecast
  • Example solar system module layout
  • Average daily generation/consumptions assessment
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction assessment
  • Financial analysis including cash flow assessment

Should you wish to proceed to implementation, we will also prepare a business case detailing optimal system design and return on investment, provide independent advice on procurement, and oversight of the installation by your selected contractors. 

  • Our service fee is based on system size, charged at $100/kW.

Instant asset depreciation of 50% is available to eligible businesses who install their solar systems before 30 June 2021 – so there is no time to lose.  

Book your preliminary Solar Feasibility Assessment below or, email or give us a call on 0427 524 215 to discuss your needs in more detail.

  • GreenLight is a not-for-profit social enterprise of the Geelong Sustainability Group (Geelong Sustainability Inc), a registered charity and environmental organisation. Any financial surpluses generated by Greenlight support the ongoing work of Geelong Sustainability Inc.