Thermal Camera Assessments

"Just a quick update and big 'thank you' to you and Geelong Sustainability for the Thermal Imaging work and report at our place at 48 Maud Street Geelong. Without your report to guide me, we would still have uninsulated ceilings.  Our place is so very different now it is insulated with temperature changes being gradual and how you would expect them to be....I'm sure our energy bills will benefits as well.  Anyway, many thanks again." - Rob and Sue McHenry

“I don’t think anyone believes their existing house is perfect in relation to efficiency. The thermal camera service, therefore, is a great start to understanding the range of things we all can do to not only reduce our own ongoing costs, but to make sure we’re using resources in the smartest way possible. I’d highly recommend Geelong Sustainability’s service as an important first step in this process.” - Rob Wandell

Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessments

“I just wanted to say thank you sincerely for your service last week. You were not only incredible knowledgeable and professional but also very genuine and helpful. We are both thrilled to now understand what steps we need to take to make our home more sustainable and efficient.” - Bree, Manifold Heights