Become a host site for community solar

Do you want to install solar in your organisation’s site? Would you like to do it with no capital outlay?

If you’re interested in hosting a community solar system, we’re interested in you!

We’re looking for host sites around greater Geelong right now. Not only will you receive the benefits of a solar system without having to fund the upfront capital, you’ll also be participating in a great community investment opportunity!

How does it work?

In a nutshell, community investors raise capital to fund the installation of solar systems on the roofs of Geelong businesses and community organisations. Community investors receive dividends, businesses reduce energy costs and the environment benefits from more clean energy being generated in Geelong. How good is that!

The benefits to the host site include:
  • No upfront capital required;
  • Immediate benefit of having a solar system installed on site;
  • Reduced and predictable energy charges enabling better budgeting;
  • Reduced carbon emissions;
  • Solar system owned at end of project term;
  • Environmental and social benefits;
  • Enabling community investment in renewable energy.
Step by Step: 
  1. Geelong Sustainability will install a solar system on the roof of a local Geelong business;
  2. Community investors fund the solar system by purchasing shares in the project;
  3. The local business agrees to lease the use of the solar system from Geelong Sustainability in return for a monthly fee;
  4. The revenue generated goes back to community investors until the system is paid off;
  5. The local business is financially better off benefiting from solar energy generation and cheaper electricity bills;
  6. At the end of the term the solar system is handed over to the local business.

Do you have the next host site?

Register your interest to host a community solar system below

We’ll provide independent advice about solar power for your organisation. We will assess the feasibility of your site for solar and the potential for a community investment project.