Home Energy Rating Assessments (NatHERS)

If you are looking to design the ultimate environmentally sustainable home, are renovating, or need to ensure you can demonstrate compliance with the performance regulations on your building permit, NatHERS is for you.  

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Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) assessments are used to demonstrate building permit compliance with performance regulations, where a mandatory 6 Star energy efficiency minimum score is required; and… 

NatHERS assessments are also used at the project design stages to inform key structural, material and appliance decisions enabling even higher star ratings to be achieved – up to ‘10 Stars’ where no mechanical heating or cooling is required to maintain comfort settings!

You can learn more about NatHERS assessments in this short video;

NatHERS assessments use a detailed scientific model developed by the CSIRO to determine the temperature in each room of the house for every hour of the year, and the precise measurement of the energy loads required to deliver year round comfort. 

This enables design solutions to be developed for specific rooms over and above the headline star rating score, and can be especially useful informing upgrade decisions for existing dwellings where treatment of day-time occupied living areas may be prioritised above other rooms. It also brings huge benefits to the process of system selection, right sizing heating and cooling appliances, and gaining an understanding of the amount of on-site renewable energy generation needed to run the equipment.

GreenLight’s specialised NatHERS assessment team are all Qualified Thermal Performance Assessors accredited under the national scheme to use the NatHERS program, interpret results, and provide professional advice on the best way to achieve cost-effective solutions for optimising comfort, reduced energy consumption and costs.

  • So if you are renovating, designing a new home, or need to achieve ‘star rating’ compliance for an existing one, ask GreenLight today for a quote to deliver a NatHERS assessment – starting from as little as $295.